Laboratorium Aggregate PA -150

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ASTM D.2419 & AASHTO T.176

The test is used to determine the relative proportions of clay like or wood fines and dust in aggregate used for construction purpose.

Specification Alat Laboratorium Teknik Sipil PA -150 SAND EQUIVALENT TEST:

PA -150.1    Graduated Cylinder          Trasparant fibre glass 1 – ¼ ‘’ i.d 1 – ½ ‘’ i.d 17’’ height           2 pcs

PA -150.2    Stopper Assembly             Rubber stopper, irrigator tube, hose Siphon  1 pc

PA -150.3    Weight Foot Assembly     Machined steel, galvanized, 1000 gr  weight sand reading indicator  1 set

PA -150.4    Stoke Solution                   Calcium Chloride, glycerin and Formaldehyde. Solution supplied with plastic mode 1 ltr

PA -150.5    Carrying Case                   Wooden case with handle 1 pc

AB -017/1    Thin Box                            Alumunium case with handle 2 pcs

AB -028/1    Funnel                                Plastic narrow mouth  1 pc


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