Laboratorium Tanah Quality Control AS -250

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The ability of a pavement to flex without failure when subjected to loading is an important feature of any construction designed to carry moving loads. Deflection can be measured by using a long beam resting on the pavement surface at one end and balanced near its centre point. By stabilising the opposite end of the beam using a suitable load e.g a vehicle, small deflections caused by loads applied adjacent to the free end are magnified and can be read from a

Specification :

AS -250.1    Fixed Beam                    Aluminium profile frame, 3 points adjuster,

with vibrator and dial holder aluminium

Strips arm 1 : 2 Lever ratio   1 Set

AS -250.2    Tire Gauge                     120 psi capacity    1 Pc

AS -250.3    Surface Thermometer    Range 0 – 1000 C    1 Pc

AB -002/6    Dial Indicator                 Range 30 mm x 0.01 mm    1 Pc


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